Giant Macaron Raspberry/ Pistachio

Giant Macaron Raspberry/ Pistachio
Macaron filled with pistachio ganache and fresh raspberries.

(Pictures are just an example in terms of decoration & sizes)

2 sizes available:

  • 2/3 pax
  • 4/6 pax

Please keep refrigerated until consumed.
Best consume on the day of the purchase.
Can be kept up to 2 days in the fridge.



Chocolate Plate « Happy Birthday» ($3)

Temporarily unavailable

1 Candle (free)

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Giant Macaron Raspberry/ Pistachio
Macaron, homemade pistachio paste and fresh raspberries.


Macarons: eggs white, almond ground, sugar, red food coloring
Pistachio paste / ganache: pistachio kernel, vegetable oil, sugar, white chocolate, cream, milk, cream, white chocolate

Fresh raspberries.

(French cream / French milk / French butter)


2, 4


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