Cannelés Tower

Cannelés tower

Homemade cannelés. Crispy outside and soft inside with the flavour of Vanilla and rum, these golden cannelés baked in traditional copper moulds, are the irresistible bites of Bordeaux.

Tower made with 24 (pc of) cannelés surrounded by sugar strands.

This tower is suitable for 4 to 6 pax.




Chocolate Plate « Happy Birthday» ($3)

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1 Candle (free)

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Cannelés tower

Individual cannelés stacked to form a nice tower. Sugar strands for nice and yummy effects.

This special tower comes in a nice transparent box.

Please keep in room temperature.


Egg, sugar, milk, butter, flour, vanilla beans, rum, canola oil

No artificial flavor or preservatives.

(French butter / French milk)




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