Personalized Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8

Personalize the box above with 8 macaron8 of your choice for yourself or for a gift: select the number of macaron8 for each flavour until the box is full of 8 pieces.

See in description below all flavours and their explanations.

Bonus: You’ll have access to the recipe inside the box of your pastry.

Islandwide delivery  or Pickup at Ti Yan Pâtisserie, Royal Square at Novena #01-26


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Macaron8 Dark Chocolate 811

Macaron8 Vanilla Velvet

Macaron8 Ruby Red fruits

Macaron8 Mandarine Velvet

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Handcrafted with pleasure in Singapore, which makes each macaron8 a unique creation.

Please keep in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Dark Chocolate 811: Almond powder, egg whites, icing sugar, Cacao powder, Dark chocolate 811, cream, egg yolk, sugar, butter

New Caledonia Vanilla Velvet:Almond powder, egg whites, icing sugar, vanilla powder White Velvet chocolate, cream, egg yolk, sugar, butter, vanilla bean paste

Ruby Red fruits: Almond powder, egg whites, icing sugar, coloring powder, Ruby chocolate, red fruits puree, egg yolk, cream, sugar, butter

Mandarine Velvet: Almond powder, egg whites, icing sugar, coloring powder, White Velvet chocolate, mandarine puree, egg yolk, zest of mandarine, cream, sugar, butter


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