Mini-macarons by Ti Yan Academy

When “less is more”, that’s what we propose with our handcrafted mini-macarons in which you’ll have the max of flavour in one bite. They are so cute that you can’t resist eating them all! To make the pleasure more exciting, why not try to present them in a fun way on a chess or Tic Tac Toe board?

4 natural flavours: dark chocolate, vanilla, red fruits or mandarin without any artificial aroma. All made with premium ingredients (French premium cream, fresh vanilla bean, fruits purée, Suiss premium chocolate…).

Paired with a cup of coffee or tea, our mini French macarons will be an excellent moment to share with your friends, family or colleagues.

They come in very nice boxes that make them a much appreciated gift to offer at any occasions.

Mini macarons by Ti Yan Academy - catering in Singapore

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