Canelés or Cannelés?

Golden Cannelés – Ti Yan Academy

What is exactly the right spelling for this famous pastry from Bordeaux? Actually, we can find these 2 kinds of spelling: “Canelé” with one single “n” or “Cannelé” with two “n”…  Anyway, the pronunciation is the same (pronounced “can-eh-lay”). More often, this specialty is written with 2 “n” because the name comes from the word “cannelures” that is the French word for “grooves”, the typical cylinder shape for the molds they are baked in… so that is the spelling recommended by the French Academy to designate this Bordeaux pastry referring to the origin.

What make Cannelés so famous?

Definitely for the double effect of texture: crispy outside and soft inside…. And for the double fragrant, vanilla and rum flavor, a nice taste of islands.

What are the secrets to have all these nice effects?

First of all, of course it depends on the ingredients used.

As for Ti Yan Academy, we use premium ingredients:

  • Fresh French milk
  • Fresh vanilla beans from New Caledonia
  • Fresh French butter
  • Fresh French cream
  • Sugar
  • Organic flour
  • Fresh eggs
  • Rum 40% alcohol
Cannélés Ingredients – Ti Yan Academy

Use the copper molds (best conductive metal) like the traditional ones made in Bordeaux and most important, respect the rest time (at least 24 hours in the fridge before baking) and the baking time / high heat temperature

Cannelés in their traditional copper moulds – Ti Yan Academy
Cannelés with coffee – Ti Yan Academy

and voilà, you have golden brown and yummy cannelés!!

Don’t worry, you will have the whole recipe with a video tutorial with the QR code inside our Cannelés box (order directly from our Boutique).

They are absolutely perfect accompaniments to coffee or tea (or a glass of milk for the children), as snack or as a dessert.

And to have a twist, you can even add one teaspoon of our homemade sea-salted caramel on the top: even more yummy! 🙂

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