Ti Yan Academy on CNA938 in Eat Drink Singapore with Stanley Leong and Susan Ng

Listen to the interview of Kean and Guillaume Dastot by Stanley Leong and Susan Ng on Eat Drink Singapore

To start with this Christmas week, we were very happy (and a little bit stressed) being the guests for the awesome program “Eat Drink Singapore” on CNA-938, interviewed by Stanley Leong & Susan Ng this 21st December 2020.

After quickly introducing ourselves as a Fusion Team, mixing French & Chinese culture, we explained the choice of having a Chinese name for our company, Ti Yan being indeed the pronunciation of 体验  meaning “Experience” in Chinese. We have exchanged about the new products we just launched mid-December.

Ti Yan Academy offers now not only online cooking courses but also French pastries for a full culinary experience as we even allow our customers to access the recipes through QR Codes on the boxes so that they can reproduce the pastries at home! 

Here are some extracts from the interview:

– Stanley:  You produce beautiful macarons that I’ve never seen before, in the digit ‘8’. They are so pretty to look at… you don’t even try to bite them…

Macaron, Macaron8, Creation of Ti Yan Academy, based on French Fine Macarons

– Susan: I understand since they talked of their Chinese culture. When I opened the box, I smiled and then teared only because the shape of 8 reminded me one of my best friends. It looks like the logo of the restaurant that we really liked to go… They are beautiful… 

– Stanley: My personal favourite flavour was the dark chocolate. What was your favorite Susan?

– Susan: All of them! I managed to try them all and I loved them all I really did!

– Stanley: Another thing that was very interesting is the mandarin flavour… because is not a common flavour. That is pretty unique as well.

– Guillaume: Mandarin is the lucky fruit specially for Chinese New Year and with the shape of 8, is all about Fortune symbol.

– Stanley: you give me an idea for Chinese New Year

– Susan: You sell other French pastries as well… tell us about.

– Guillaume: We sell more traditional ones with the Cannelés which originate from Bordeaux. It’s a pastry which is little bit crispy outside and smooth outside, flavoured with vanilla and rum.

And we also sell sea salted caramel that is a kind of signature as all our macaron8 have a drop a sea salted caramel on the top. We wanted to make people discover the real taste of the one we have in Britany. This is the sauce that is spread on crêpes (French fine pancakes).

– Stanley: Sounds lovely… why not consider salted egg with sea salted caramel to have a different fusion…

– Susan: I tried Cannelés with a drop of sea salted caramel… It lifted the taste… 

Golden Cannelés handmade by Ti Yan Academy with Salted Caramel

– Guillaume: I even put some sea salted caramel in my coffee… it’s like Kopi in Singapore.

Whole Interview here


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