From online courses to handmade pastries, Ti Yan Academy launches its festive collections

At Ti Yan Academy, our mission has since the beginning been to make people fancy on cooking. Our online courses allow people to discover the pleasure to make dishes and desserts by themselves. But sometimes, in particular for pastries, the process of preparation can be long and technical so it can discourage some of them. In order to allow people to quickly enjoy the fine French pastries they love, Ti Yan Academy is happy to launch its own handcrafted pastries with 2 special collections. The first one is an original and meaningful creation and the second one is a very traditional and authentic one.

Celebr8 Collection

Share a treat is another way to have good moments with the loved ones. In this purpose, Ti Yan Academy has created a special macaron called Macaron. The shape is the number , one of the favourite numbers for the Chinese people as it symbolizes Prosperity and Fortune (it comes from the pronunciation of the number that sounds like the word for Prosperity / Fortune).

And indeed, if you observe the logo of Ti Yan Academy, you will find many numbers linked altogether (see the whole story here).  As this special creation symbolizes Fortune, it suits very well for festive occasions or to wish good things to come.

Golden Collection

In this collection, 2 beautiful places of France are in the spotlight.

The first one is Bordeaux, a very nice town located in the south-west of France where one specialty is very famous: the cannelé.  For those who don’t know yet, it’s a pastry with a subtle fragrance of vanilla and rum. The outside is crispy whereas the inside is soft. Baked in traditional copper moulds until their color gets golden brown, they look like little sweet jewels having the perfect color of the caramelization outside.

The second one is Brittany, a very charming region located in the north-west of France where one of the specialties is the famous sea salted caramel sauce. It is traditionally spread on crêpes or pancakes but it can go as well in a coffee for a subtle taste of bitter and sweetness. Other gourmet suggestion is to add a drop of salted caramel on the top of our Golden Cannelés.

So which collection will you fall for? Whatever your choice, these different handcrafted pastries invite you to learn how to make them! Indeed, as a bonus, the recipe of each specialty will be accessible through the QR code inside of the boxes. So you have no more excuse not to try to make them. All our pastry collections will be available from 8th December, but you already can pre-order in our online boutique (pick-up @ Pickup at Ti Yan Pâtisserie, Royal Square at Novena #01-26

) and for Corporate needs, you can also contact us to prepare your Christmas gifts!

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