Our mission: reveal your culinary talent

Learn how to make French macarons with online courses on Ti Yan AcademyWhether for leisure, for self-advancement or for mid-career change, our online courses provide you with all the essential basics you need to master the French Cuisine.

Follow, step by step, the explanations and the tips given by our Chefs and cooking will become a piece of cake!

You will learn all the technical skills and know-how that will make you an accomplished cook.

Below each video recipe is presented the recipe card that will allow you adjust the ingredients depending on your number of guests, and you’ll even be able to print it.

For whose who want to professionalize in cooking or pastry, you’ll have access to academic textbooks giving you all the rules needed to work in a professional kitchen. In this professional formula, you will also have quizzes to help you progress in your knowledge acquisition. At the end of the final quiz, you will get a certificate showing that you have successfully passed the test.

Talking about French Cuisine is talking about Art of life: a unique experience of refinement, elegance and inspiration.

Receive this inspiration at home to make it yours.

We are pleased to support you in this new passion that can be shared with your loved ones.

Eating is a pleasure, cooking is even more!

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